Workplace Air Monitoring Surveys

With so many harmful chemicals, fumes, dusts, fibres etc. in today’s manufacturing processes it is essential that exposure to these substances is properly controlled and monitored. This is to ensure the health and safety of the workers within these potentially harmful environments.

Workplace air quality testing is carried out within COSHH regulations 2002 and the relevant HSE MDHS method, to establish operator levels of exposure to various substances e.g. total inhalable or respirable dust (wood, cement, silica), fumes (metals, rubber, solder), vapours, gases (chlorine, carbon monoxide), fibres (ceramic fibre, glass fibre) etc. within the workplace.

We currently use Casella Tuff pumps, GilAir 3 air monitoring pumps, IOM and cyclone dust heads, passive samplers and low flow tube holders for the use of silica gel and charcoal tubes when we complete air monitoring sampling.

All samples completed are sent for analysis at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

EHSC will provide you with results which will be assessed against the HSE EH40 current limits. The technical report will detail current control measures in place and any other recommendations required to improve workplace environment.

Workplace air monitoring will be completed by a consultant who is qualified to the BOHS W501 – Measurement of Hazardous Substances.

Did you know…

EHSC can also complete static area sampling as well as occupational personnel sampling. Background static sampling provides a company with a good understanding as to whether their control measures e.g. LEV are operating correctly/ effectively and providing the operative with the protection they require.

Want to know more...

Want to know more...

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