Qualitative Face Fit Testing

Many workers wear respirators to protect their health against any potential airborne hazards such as dust, mist, vapours, gas or fumes in a work environment .These devices are collectively known as respiratory protective equipment (RPE) these filter the air to remove harmful substances.

Various activities which could prevent an airborne hazard such as:

  • welding stainless steel
  • working with or handling dusty powders
  • Using any product that contains a volatile solvent – Paint spraying.
  • cutting materials e.g. stone or wood

A Qualitative face fit test carried out correctly by EHSC ensures the operators mask fits their face shape and size. All wearers of tight or close fitting face masks require face fit testing for each mask they wear.

Our Face fit testing complies with the COSHH regulations 2002 and follow’s HSE operational circular 282/2.

Each face fit test takes around 20 minutes to complete and the test is in two parts:

The sensitivity test:

The sensitivity test is to make the operative aware of the test of the test aerosol and no respirator is worn during the sensitivity test, only the fit test hood.

The Fit Test:

Operatives are asked to wear their respirator and we will perform a check as to whether they have been correctly fitted and ensure the respirator is in good working order.

Once this has been completed then the second test can begin. This involves the operative wearing the respirator and wearing a fit test hood.

The operative must complete certain exercises such as – Normal breathing, deep breathing, and moving head from side to side etc… There are 7 exercises in total and each lasting for 60 seconds while a more concentrated fit test solution is sprayed into the hood.

Once the testing has been completed then a fit test report will be issued and each operative that has passed will be provided with a face fit certificate within one week of the testing being completed.

Our consultants have completed the relevant RPE Fit Test Operator Training for qualitative face fit testing. 

Did you know…

Qualitative Face fit testing can be completed with both male and female operatives however male operatives must be completely clean shaven. Once the operator has been face fit tested for a respirator they must be clean shaven every time it is worn.

Want to know more...

Want to know more...

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