Hand Arm Vibration Surveys

Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a painful and potentially disabling condition of the fingers, hand and arms due to vibration from hand held power tools. HAVS can be preventable but once damage is done it is permanent.

EHSC can complete a Hand Arm vibration survey at your workplace.

The survey will be completed under the control of vibration at work regulations 2005 and follows HSE L140 Documentation.

Equipment we currently use is a Castle VEXO Meter which will measure the X, Y, Z axis readings and the vector sum. Our report will detail the trigger time each singular piece of handheld equipment is currently used for, the A(8) , HSE exposure points and also work out for you how long each piece of equipment can safely be used in relation to the exposure action level (EAV) and exposure limit value (ELV).

We can also provide you with specific personnel daily exposure for operatives who use multiple tools during each day. We would require for your company to provide us with work activity studies, so we can work out personal trigger time.

Hand arm vibration testing will be completed by an IOSH HAV Risk Assessment and Management qualified consultant. 

Did you know…

Anti-vibration ‘specialist’ gloves provide little or no protection for operators at the higher weighted acceleration frequency levels.

Want to know more...

Want to know more...

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