Occupational Noise Surveys

The aim of an occupational noise survey is to assess the amount of noise which employees are being exposed to whilst in the work environment. Our noise survey will identify areas and operators exposed to noise levels above the Lower Exposure Action Level (LEAL) of 80dB (A), the Upper Exposure Action Level (UEAL) of 85dB (A), and the exposure limit value of 87dB (A).

EHSC can also provide static octave, peak and LEQ area readings in all areas on site. Personal dosimeter readings (Lepd) on specific personnel in any areas can also be taken.

Equipment we currently use are Casella 35X doseBadges and a Cirrus Optimus Red Sound Level Meter.

Based on the results of the survey EHSC will provide the relevant actions and recommendations required under the control of noise at work regulations 2005 to minimise employee’s exposure.

Hearing protection should be issued to employees when extra protection is needed above what noise control protocols already are in place. PPE should be used when any noise level is higher than the UEAL of 85dB but should only be used as a short term measure while other methods of controlling noise are being developed.

Our consultants have completed the IOSH Noise At Work Risk Assessment and Management qualification.

Did you know…

Hearing protection – PPE should always be the last resort and should never be relied upon to control the operative’s exposure to noise!

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Want to know more...

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